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  • mrblack927
    Mar 31, 09:50 PM
    I heard iChat got a new UI. Can someone take screenshots?

    Not really a new UI, just more unified now. Only one buddy list for all your accounts.

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  • iBorg20181
    Oct 24, 01:15 AM
    if you are gonna wait - macworld 07 will be the big update.

    Nope - Santa Rosa won't arrive until March or April, and that's when the next major upgrade will be made.



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  • MacFly123
    Mar 25, 05:03 PM
    I recall some of the naysayers around here not even a year ago stating that such a device would never be suitable for gaming. And here we are. With HD output to your TV.

    Vision, people. Vision.

    Playing that game with the HDMI dongle thingy hanging off an iPad looks, um, not ideal. Now, if it could stream it using AirPlay.

    The Future of video games? This looks awesome, and works great with a racing game that can show you the course on the iPad. Just wish I could run this on my Original Ipad :(
    Will this work over Airplay with the Apple TV, obviously in 720p?

    Once they enable the use of other iOS devices as wireless controllers then i'll be interested.

    And just like that, Apple has snuck itself into the living room game console biz.

    AMEN! :D Get this on all iOS devices with the A5 and integrated with the new Apple TV with the A5 and AirPlay and WOW!!! Not just games either, I think apps on the AppleTV will be some sort of hybrid between devices and you will be able to AirPlay the apps to your TV!

    This is going to change everything, AGAIN! :cool:

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  • tech4all
    Nov 27, 01:58 PM
    I hope this is true. This would be great for the Mac mini. Consumers really don't need a 20" + screen. A 17" screen (4:3 or wide) would be nice, and nice (low) price would be even nicer! Since the 20" and 23" are have the same difference is size as the 17" and 20" would (3"), and the 20" cost $699 and the 23" $999, so the 23" is $300 more, following that logic the 17" would cost $399. Hopefully it'll be cheaper than that though since you can get a Dell 17" LCD for cheaper....maybe a price drop for the whole line. :)

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  • rasmasyean
    Mar 19, 04:06 PM
    is that why the war in afghanistan ended so successfully years ago? oh wait..... :p

    It looks pretty successful to me.

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  • Zic
    Oct 23, 06:06 PM
    I know you will see that I've never posted before, so anything I say will probably be taken with a grain of salt. I don't blame you for not believing me, every Tuesday I am let down with all of you. If I am lying you can ban me from this forum, for whatever it's worth, I promise what I'm telling you is the truth. I see you guys are as antsy as I am about this update.

    I know a person that works at an Apple Store as an inventory control specialist - I asked him back in July to tell me before hand if he knew when the Merom MacBook Pro was coming out. Today I got a text message from him saying, "(dan's) laptop might be coming out tomorrow." However, he thinks it's only a 15''.

    Something is definitely planned to come out tomorrow. I know it's not concrete, but it gives me hope. I figured I would share.

    I'm hoping he is wrong about the 15'' thing, I wanted a 17''. Either way, I'll take what I can get. I've been waitng too long.

    Could he (your contact in the AS) have been anymore vague? Could it not simply be that he frequents the same websites we all do and noticed the increased MMBP chatter, or that his colleagues or perhaps the customers have brought the subject up. It doesn't take an "inventory control specialist" working in an Apple store to make that sort of prediction, these forums alone are proof of that.

    I'm not saying you're making it all up, it's just I would have thought someone in a position like that would be able to provide some substance to backup such claims.

    I, like the majority (and despite my scepticism), hope he's right though.

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  • JAT
    Apr 21, 02:46 PM
    Only ones upset over such news is Johny what's his face who hangs out at the local booby bar, when his wife thinks he's somewhere else. :eek:
    If that's going to bother her, she can track him, anyway. And if it does bother her, there's an easy solution. Try saying "yes".
    al franken?

    I thought it was just us "tinfoil hats" as was said yesterday by some in these forums, who would be upset about this?

    Guess not. :rolleyes:
    Uh, Franken sells his homemade tinfoil hats right on his personal website. What are you comparing him to?

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  • Fishrrman
    Apr 3, 11:16 AM
    celticpride wrote:
    "It worked for me too on DP1. On DP2, I had to install Snow Leopard first."

    and NameUndecided replied:
    "DP2 can't install on a blank disk/partition. Needs to install as an update on top of DP 1 or Snow Leopard. (?)"

    I just installed DP2 onto a blank partition on a spare disk.

    What I did:
    - Booted up in DP1
    - Opened disk image of DP2 onto the desktop
    - Launched the installer. When it prompted me for a volume to install to, I selected a blank partition
    - Installed DP2 onto the blank partition (it requires a reboot after the "preparing to install phase" to get to the actual "install" -- Apple should make this clear to users during the installation process that a reboot is part of the normal installation)
    - After the installer was finished, it automatically booted up to DP2 and ran the "Welcome to Mac" song. It then began the regular process of registration.
    - When it asked if I wished to "migrate over" from another Mac (or volume), I choose to import everything from DP1
    - After that, all is well.

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  • spicyapple
    Nov 29, 07:11 AM
    I can't believe that MS still holds J. Allard as a big ruling leader
    There is a 40 minute podcast on Inside Home Recording that has J.Allard singing the praises of the Zune to a group of music/podcast/executive types at the 2006 Music Tech Summit. Great listening, and he explains the features of Zune media player, plus reasons for whoring with Universal Music.

    podcast (http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=79061694&s=143455&i=12059569) < takes you to iTunes podcast page.

    luv ya bunches! xoxoxo

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  • ingenious
    Mar 28, 01:49 PM
    Apple does not need to enter the 500 dollar market- Steve Jobs has said it himself. He himself has compared Apple to BMW among others to show that Apple is the luxury company right now. They're not going to waste quality for quanity and just try to sell machines. Read it in an interview from him. The point is, Apple IS NOT DYING! It's a debt free company, has billions in cash, is leading the MP3 Player and Online Music store industry, has what was and is still almost the worlds fastest personal computer. It has the best OS, and more and more people are switching, its just that there are more people going to PCs than macs (new users). APPLE IS NOT DYING! STEVE IS BACK. :D :D :D :D

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  • jakeDude
    Nov 15, 02:11 PM
    Programmers should make the effort to accommodate upcoming multi-core designs into their software development cycle. Once a new system is released, it should be a minimal effort to test and tweak the software for the new system and quickly release an update, thus making their customers only wait a week or two from when the systems first ship as opposed to several weeks/months .

    This is not true at all. Multi-threading often introduces more problems such as race conditions, deadlocks, pipeline starvations, memory leaks, cache coherency problems. Further more, multithreaded apps are harder and take longer to debug. Also, using threads without good reason too is not efficient (context swtiching) and can cause problems (thread priorities) with other apps running. This is because threads can not yield to other threads and block if such an undesirable condition like a deadlock exists.. Like on Windows when one app has a non responsive thread and the whole system hangs.. Or like when Finder sucks and locks everything..

    Also, multithreading behaves differently on different platforms with different language environments. Java threading might behave differently than p-threads (C-based) on the same system (OS X).. I am a prfessional developer etc..

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  • uv23
    Sep 5, 09:11 AM

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  • Leet Apple
    Feb 17, 10:42 PM
    Used my iPhone 3G for the Pic
    Sorry for the Quality


    Put my MacBook Pro on a separate table

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  • jtaylr77
    Jan 1, 05:39 PM
    Jobs receives a call during keynote and reaches into his pocket...

    ...audience errupts with joyful tears...

    ...pulls out iTunes compatible motorola phone....

    ...audience sighs....and cries....

    ....Steve gets another call 5 mintues later...

    ...pulls out iPhone

    ...geeks bumrush the stage and carry Steve off on their shoulders

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  • NickK1066
    Jun 23, 09:17 AM
    iOS would need a considerable amount of additions to replace OSX.

    Currently iOS does not allow third parties to add drivers for their own attaching products to make services etc available for multiple applications.

    MIDI is one such example.

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  • Fiveos22
    Aug 6, 09:52 PM
    Nothing they haven't done before. Like the "Redmond, start your photocopiers" thing for Tiger. And Redmond did exactly that, it seems. ;)


    They did at WWDC '04 (when Tiger was introduced) with slogans like "Redmond, Start Your Photocopiers" and the word "Longhorn" in the Spotlight search field. ;)


    //sorry, I had to

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  • Doctor Q
    Sep 6, 07:50 PM
    Why exactly is fixed pricing so important? isn't that.. well.. a bit anti supply/demand? Anyone have any stats on the percentages that bestbuy, a local music/video store, and apple are making on a normal purchase?You are correct that "market pricing", where the price of a movie is based on what that particular movie might be worth to people, and possibly on the relative cost of bringing it to you, would better follow the principles of supply and demand.

    The other side of the story is that Apple wants to keep things as simple as possible, and fixed pricing is very easy for consumers to understand. It changes a tricky buying decision (is this movie worth this price?) to a simpler buying decision (which movies are worth the standard price?). It may not seem that complicated either way, but it makes a difference with skittish first timer buyers. It's like not having to haggle when the price of something isn't negotiable. Less flexibility, but less decisionmaking.

    Among the general public, there has been a much larger resistance to these download services than you'd know from reading posts from tech-minded people in forums like these. I think fixed pricing for iTunes music was one of the keys to the success of the iTunes Music Store. Remember that only a small percentage of music buyers buy online, and movies are going to start out the same way.

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  • imac_japan
    Mar 21, 09:21 AM
    Please sign it !! For our sakes



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  • rumz
    Apr 12, 10:34 PM
    That price tag doesn't seem so ridiculous.

    When was the last time final cut pro was available as a stand-alone app? Seems like last time I considered getting it, it was only available as part of the $1k suite. So $299 easily seems like a more reasonable entry fee than buying Final Cut Studio.

    Mar 22, 05:03 PM
    Definitely will keep the formfactor because of all the accessories available for it.

    Will definitely upgrade to the larger hard drive as the current one may be discontinued...

    Sep 14, 11:03 AM
    Want to know an issue that actually DOES bother me about iOS devices? No? Well I'm bored so tough.

    I still want to know why I can't plug an iPhone into any computer and use it as a mass storage device for quick transfer of large files?

    Android can do this, Symbian can do this, it is not difficult. The thing comes with 32GB of space and I can't dedicate even 1GB of that to a mass storage mount? Really? It's one of the biggest business uses I have for the device. I shouldn't have to carry around a USB stick anymore. Hell with Symbian3 you can even plug a USB stick/drive DIRECTLY INTO the Symbian3 phone itself to move files.

    Screw you Steve. Seriously, screw you. That is one of the biggest reasons I will continue to jailbreak. That and a complete lack of quick access to my Wifi/Bluetooth/GPS/3G radio controls.

    Aug 16, 07:22 AM

    iBook G5 and PowerBook G5 Digitimes?

    Yah right.

    Sorry but I've had it with new iPod rumours. They'll come when they come and they won't be as revolutionary as we'd thought.

    Massively fed up now.

    Jul 19, 04:41 PM
    How could the analysts be off by almost a billion dollars? Are they held to account for this?

    Of course not. Their job is to not be accurate. Their job is to generate revenue, usually in the form of stock trades. If they are accurate, it is usually because the company they are covering essentially gave them the EXACT numbers.

    Analyst downgrades stock, people sell. Analyst upgrades stock, people buy. rinse, repeat every couple of months.

    However, most analysts are pleasant people. Must be from those mid-six figure salaries.

    Apr 21, 12:21 PM
    Apple has to get used to these kind of things now that it is growing more and more...

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