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  • GQB
    Apr 22, 07:52 PM
    Meh. It's an Apple. Really getting bored of the Apple look and iOS. To me they just look really cheap now. Already made my decision to get the Galaxy S2. Sorry but if Apple sticks with the 3.7inch screen, they're only gonna fall further back. Let's be honest, the iPhone isn't that great as a phone. It never was. Transmission, reception, and voice quality are poor to average. There's a reason why the iPhone 5 is being delayed. Apple took one look at the current competition and went back to the drawing bored. And that's fine. Any good company should do just that. I've never been a full on blind fanboy, hence my move to the GS2. At the same time, I don't want Apple turning into the next RIM. :o

    I love tech that's on the bleeding edge. Right now for me, that's hardware. The tangible undisputed specs. And Samsung's high end GS2 oozes bleeding edge tech. The camera and 1080P video is ridiculously amazing. I'm not the emotional type that gets all caught up with the brainless "it just works" crowd. You know what?, they all "just work." If you don't know how to adapt to any OS, then maybe you just shouldn't even use any device at all. Seriously, they're all easy to use and get used to. Don't get me wrong, Apple to me is still a great brand, but for me the honeymoon is over so to speak.

    Glad apple doesn't design for you and the .5% of the market that is that in need of daily change for change's sake.

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 22, 11:00 AM
    Why not just let him have his emotional argument? Why do you have to correct him or specify anything? If it doesn't concern the consumer (us), why not just let the issue be regardless of what one person or another has to say. This is a forum, a place to voice opinion, nothing more. If you wanna hear your right or you have strong arguments, okay yep.

    His argument wasn't emotional, it was a statement of fact (not an opinion). It just so happens that statement wasn't actually grounded in the current situation.

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 24, 11:19 AM
    Apple will eventually support every network, and with that lock up the cell market for a generation. Excellent plan: Start with ATT, prefect the phone, roll out perfected versions slowly, get their data center up offering some free cloud-based system, streamlining the app stores, thereby slowly but surely eating the market share of other vendors.
    Prediction: In 5 years only a few will have a fleeting memory of what Android was. Like the Palm Pilot.

    I doubt it. If you don't have a US Centric view and look elsewhere, you'll see Android is gaining and passing the iPhone even in markets where both platforms are available on the same carriers. Here, Rogers sells a metric ton of Android devices, Bell pushes them out and Telus too. I see tons of Nexus One and HTC Desires around, tons of Motorola Milestones and even more Captivates.

    Yet all these people had a choice of getting an iPhone too. They opted for Android.

    So let's not get ahead of ourselves with all the Apple cheerleading and think a move to a new set of frequencies would mean world domination for Apple. It doesn't. But it does open up the option of the iPhone on carriers that support these, which is good for consumers (more carriers = more competition for plans).

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  • tarjan
    Oct 24, 08:38 AM
    Anyone called the stores yet to see if they are in stock? Dont want to barrage them with calls...


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  • bondsbw
    Sep 30, 10:03 AM
    Um.... I am pretty sure that Apple gets a higher subsidy from having an exclusive carrier agreement, lowering the cost to their customers, yet still keeping margins on the device high.

    Someone to correct me if I am wrong.

    So you're saying that AT&T gives Apple money...but that does nothing for Apple's business?

    :rolleyes: Wow, both of you missed it entirely. My point is the same as yours.

    The poster I replied to suggested that Apple could have split their contract so that both AT&T and Verizon would have the iPhone (meaning better overall service today). But in the end, that would mean less profit for Apple.

    I was explaining that Apple would not have made an exclusive agreement had there been no extra money involved. That's my point.

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  • rstansby
    Jun 6, 04:43 PM
    Yeah, "accidentally," sure. :rolleyes: The price and the buttons on the app store are clearly labeled. You don't just "accidentally" purchase this. It's only believable if the kid is still an infant and randomly tap on stuff, but 11 year old? Come on. :rolleyes: Besides, there's an option to restrict the ability to install apps on the OS.

    As many people have mentioned in this thread, once you enter your password to download one app, there is a short window when you are not required to enter it again to download another app.


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  • renewed
    Sep 14, 12:04 PM
    Wait till you get that platinum card !


    I actually want the Lutetium card.


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  • Mactagonist
    Apr 23, 06:23 PM

    I thought AT&T's buyout means T-Mobile is going bye-bye?

    408 area code, that means cali. is that steve jobs' personal number? :P

    I am sure any plans to launch it have been scrapped and this is just a left over prototype. You know Apple has a history of planning for every contingency, I am sure there are Sprint iPhones ready to go also. If Apple decides to release them they would be ready to go.


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  • pilotError
    May 3, 08:23 AM
    4-6 weeks for an SSD upgrade?!?!

    Steve jobs: "umad?"

    Looks like another month of waiting for me!

    Is it easy for us to install an SSD by ourselves? (I'm not a geek)

    I've been waiting for the new 27" to replace my 2006 iMac, but I don't really have a pressing need believe it or not. I already put a core2duo in it and a 2gb 7200 rpm HD in it...

    In response to the other 2 posters, I'm waiting for the iFixit teardown to see how bad the upgrade would be, just to see which SSD's they are going to use, and how hard it would be to do the upgrade on my own. Another $600 on the 27" w/ i7 pushes the price to nearly 3000, a bit expensive these days for a desktop, even if it is an Apple.

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  • Surely
    Jan 31, 12:22 AM
    Some yummy desserts from Solley's Bakery in Sherman Oaks.
    Let's see..... a chocolate cigar (which is basically a giant chocolate rugula), a s'mores brownie, chocolate (I forget the name) cookies, and chocolate flake macaroon cookies.


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  • MacNut
    May 1, 11:53 PM
    To US its a big deal. It's a blow to the Al-Qaeda that doesn't exist anymore. The current one will still function just as it has for nearly a decade in its cell based way. If anything this will just piss off extremists. Don't think for a second some type of retaliation (most likely attacks in the Middle East) won't come about from this.We took down who they thought was invincible. That will hurt their ego and their pride. Will they try to retaliate, sure.

    Who knows what information we may have found in that mansion that could hurt them.

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  • Tones2
    Apr 22, 10:46 AM
    Image (http://dailymobile.se/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/HTC-ThunderBolt-vs-iPhone-4-Internet-Speed-Test.jpg)

    Uh, no thanks. I don't need a bigger phone print in my pocket.

    Just get bigger pockets. :)



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  • jessica.
    Jan 26, 09:16 AM
    Ha sound like me...typical college student. I've been selling stuff and have returned about 4 things in the past week because they all sucked!

    I don't think this is indicative of a college student. I think it's smart to return things that aren't suited for you. I can think of many people who shop for clothes, for example, and they sit around with the tags on until they're given away because they're too small, dated, etc. ;)

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  • Dunepilot
    Jul 28, 09:24 AM
    [QUOTE=rekahs]surely if you look at it that way the ipod is in the position the 360 is in and the zune is like the wii.


    Except that the wii is being marketed on the basis that it will bring something innovative to the table. If there's one thing Microsoft doesn't understand, its innovation/ease of use/elegance.


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  • GuitarDTO
    Apr 30, 07:41 AM
    I don't buy from either of these any more after being introduced to Gomusicnow.com (or any of the other 25 similar sites). 9 cents per song, or ~$.80-$1.5 per ALBUM. Quality 320 for most newer albums and 220-300 for older. Can't beat it.

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  • kainjow
    Nov 3, 10:10 AM
    This is what will get me switching to VMware vs Parallels, multicore support in virtualization!

    That will work nicely on the Mac Pros. Keep us updated.


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  • Surely
    Mar 8, 09:23 AM
    I can't believe people watch this show. I tried watching it to see what the fuss is all about.....it seems like such a formulaic cheesy sitcom.

    I love Bill Maher's take on the whole thing:


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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 15, 03:08 PM
    Poster wasn't stirring the pot.

    No, I guess this guy wasn't bashing Google at all :

    Learn from Google? What has Google developed that's anything close to an OS?

    The fact is, Android/Chrome OS have a lot in common with the efforts Apple put forth into making iOS/OS X. Both companies are well placed to learn from each other and this crap doesn't belong in this thread.

    just so you know, summer begins june 21 and ends sept 23 this year. so even it it comes out sept 22, its still a summer release.

    Yes, I am quite aware of this fact, thank you for pointing it out to other posters who might say "an august release isn't a summer release!" though.

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  • CaryMacGuy
    Apr 22, 09:52 AM
    I really want to see an LTE iPhone in 2012. I recently bought a Droid X on a 1 year contract because I wanted a phone with a large screen (and the iPhone 4 has a pretty small screen for today's phones). When my 1 year contract is up, I will look at all the smartphone offerings available at that time and make a decision on what to get next. I want Apple to make the short list but if there is no LTE iPhone, I will find it really hard to want to lock myself into 2 years with last generation technology.

    Apr 22, 06:10 AM
    This settles it:

    Image (http://www.emptyhouse.net/fileshuttle/samsungphone_21e9.jpg)

    You should be a lawyer...

    Apr 15, 07:07 PM
    Although I find the slider buttons pretty, I think these are just a step to touch-interface. It makes sense when you have to actually slide the button (with your fingers). But when using a mouse/trackpad, it is more logical to point at the option you want and the selection will slide to the requested option.
    I think this will return when touch-based interface will make its entry.

    Apr 22, 07:05 AM
    Wow, are you this much of a jerk in person?

    Abrupt, abusive or insulting comments are not permitted on macrumors.

    Jul 24, 06:41 PM
    anyone know how long it usually takes from FCC to retail?

    Jan 27, 05:31 PM
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new chair!

    It was easy to put together and super comfy.
    It'd be even more comfy if I was taller...lol.


    Looks so nice with my desk and is much better than the "cardboard with fabric" I was sitting on before.

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