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justin timberlake shirtless friends with benefits

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  • NickZac
    Jan 1, 10:44 AM
    I would argue that accepting a lifestyle that has a much higher likelihood of illness or death doesn't necessarily mean mental illness. What about adventure seekers? Is climbing Everest a sign of mental illness? The likelihood of dying is high, and honestly, some would say that you have to be crazy to do it, but people still praise the behavior, and don't label the person with a mental illness.

    Guys, it really is possible that she just LOVES food. I've met people like that. They are great chefs and are very over weight because they love food. Not because they have some kind of mental deficiency.

    Humans function on a reward system. You may climb Everest because of the personal accomplishment or the rush. Eating to the degree of excess that lady has is far more than a love of food. There is no potential gain and she knows she is hurting herself, but does not care. She is pursuing a goal that conflicts with 'logical reasoning'. If you look at people who are class III obese, you will see a few things. First, depression and suicide rates are ridiculously high. Two, almost all want to lose weight. Three, there are often underlying conditions.

    Obesity needs to be treated as a mental illness as well as physical illness/condition. Much of losing weight and keeping it off is psychological. The self-rated quality of life of obese children are literally worse than terminal cancer patients. Not everyone who is obese has a mental illness, but when people get to extreme obesity, there is almost always an existing condition or one has developed from a negative self-image.

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  • Sined
    Apr 28, 01:57 PM
    And thats just it.

    Google hasn't found a way to capitalizes on its smart phone market share.

    So even if they get 75% of the market and Apple keeps its 25%, in terms of revenue Apple is still going to "win".

    In the long term it will.

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  • WildCowboy
    Oct 18, 04:26 PM
    Nice bump in the stock...AAPL up 5.5% in after hours trading.

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  • T4R06
    Apr 25, 09:00 AM
    i hope this is true!

    i am a 4G contractor right now here in T-mobile and i'll tell you HSPA+ is not as fast as verizon LTE but hey, there is no cap! right now im testing HSPA+ and im getting 4mbps on mytouch.

    i hope this merging will not push thru.. or else, at&t will only butcher t-mobile good network..


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  • direzz
    Oct 24, 08:49 AM
    do you guys think i should just go ahead and buy a macbook then? i would love a MBP, but its to expensive.. im just a highschool student, and the black would really be great.

    i dont know what to do :(

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  • N3rds
    Apr 24, 02:37 PM
    they don't even mention that it is a WHITE iPhone...
    I feel like that is more interesting than the fact that it is a T-mobile phone...


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  • YoNeX
    Dec 1, 11:10 AM
    Has anyone been getting updates at all from VMware? I sent in my request for Discussion Forums (a while back), but haven't gotten access.

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  • Westside guy
    Dec 1, 04:34 PM
    Windows Vista is NOT Windows XP.

    Hey, somewhat going off on a tangent here but...

    Vista is just now coming out. Are you old enough to remember that, when XP came out, it was lauded as "the most secure Windows ever"? It's silly to pay any attention to what MS says - until Vista has a track record, we won't know how its security stacks up.

    Love or hate Steve Gibson, but he's pointed out some extremely stupid holes in Vista's security during the beta process. Stuff that was fixed in Windows back in the days of 95/98. They've got a totally new network stack in Vista, and frankly Microsoft has very little experience writing core network code (remember much or most of their previous stack was shown to have been pulled from BSD).

    Now back to the Mac side. I'm glad to see this thread isn't filled with Apple apologists. :) Apple certainly has work ahead of them, but I think all in all they've been pretty responsive to most vulnerability reports over the past couple years. But Mac people need to shed this false air of invulnerability that's far too common on this forum and elsewhere. In the end, common sense will go far to protect you - don't run day to day as an admin account, use a strong password, don't use the same password everywhere. If you have a home network, use NAT (by default you probably will be). Don't try to download a "free" version of Microsoft Office off Gnutella. :D


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  • YoNeX
    Nov 5, 04:39 PM
    They want screenshots and numbers, but since the EULA says we cannot disclose numbers, not much left but screenshots. Oh and for the record, I was not able to get my XP to install properly. Tried about 3x. As for my choice, Parallels for stability, but VMware for the multi-core support. I'll leave it at that.

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  • pdot
    Sep 13, 12:54 PM
    My weekend beer purchase was some Blue Moon.

    I've almost always got a pretty full stock of Blue Moon and Hoeegarden.


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  • willzzz88
    Apr 17, 03:55 PM
    No issues with any of those updates on AT&T.

    Actually the reason for the battery drain is Apple updated the network baseband vocoder to the latest support UMTS/HSPA+ and better cell hand-offs in order to reduce dropped calls to an absolute minimum on GSM and similar on Verizon...

    You get a trade off, worse battery life (some of it has to do with the software though, drain the BATTERY ENTIRELY, and recharge it should get to 80%-90% now... ALSO DO A SETTINGS RESET BECAUSE your phone is running on OLD settings PREVIOUS to 4.3.2) but improved performance in everything else or crappy voice calls because your iPhone can't use the latest network capacity enhancements AT&T/*insert GSM carrier here*/Apple has made or Verizon/*insert CDMA carrier here*/Apple has made.

    Personally I like PERFECT VOICE QUALITY on GSM/CDMA.

    When I'm @ work I charge on the computer/USB port anyways... Or in the car...

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  • kirk26
    May 4, 09:18 AM
    We pretty much knew this already.


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  • -aggie-
    Apr 30, 04:02 PM
    That's what he said. Reread what he wrote.

    He�s from Ireland, so maybe it�s a language barrier. :)

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  • maclaptop
    Apr 26, 02:10 PM
    It's only ****ing capitalism when Apple does something and has the audacity to charge for it. When any other company does it, it's just good business.

    People will complain about anything.
    I take it with a grain of salt, there's not that many people that are truly Anti-Apple, and those are the ones I don't care about anyway.

    Bottom line, I get to enjoy lots of Apple gear, AND benefit as my stock skyrockets.

    Now that, is the "Magic" of great Apple Hype, Marketing, and Influence.

    Mikey's parents will buy him anything...ha..ha...ha...:D


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  • mc68k
    Nov 18, 12:59 PM
    that stats drop pissed me off, i hope those stats get reconciled at some point

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  • KPOM
    Apr 18, 05:58 PM
    Some people are lying themselves. Of course every high-end laptop will be like the MBA in few-several years. That is the point, getting slimmer, portable and more and more powerful. That's the ideal laptop.

    So a MBA with better GPU/CPU is always welcomed.

    The point, though, is that the Sandy Bridge MacBook Air will have a much better CPU, but a worse GPU unless Apple does something surprising.


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  • HMFIC03
    Apr 29, 04:02 PM
    Price war! :)

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  • firestarter
    May 1, 10:16 PM
    Don't feel any real positive emotion out of it because of how long it took, and how the most damage of 9/11 came from our response in my opinion, but yay I guess? I don't believe he was very active in Al Qaeda anymore, and even if he was, he's an easy replacement.

    I agree with both your points.

    He will be easily replaced I guess... if Al Qaeda isn't already splintered so far that there's no leadership required.

    The most significant effect of this will be on the psychology of the West, particularly in the US. Most of the negative effect of 'terrorism' has been inflicted by the US on itself.

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  • arogge
    Jul 14, 03:06 PM
    If you're on a full browser, you can also go into the Thread Tools and ask to "Unsubscribe from this Thread".

    Sep 13, 02:26 PM
    Mmmm WHO-GAR-TEN. So deelish. I remember when I first read the label, "coriander" scared me (I absolutely abhor the stuff), but whatever they put in there is fine with me as long as it keeps tasting the way it does. I love white beers. My cheap alternative is Rickards white, but you've got to throw lotsa orange peel in there to imitate the light poppiness of Hoegarden.

    Sometime soon I've gotta visit the Bier Garden down at the Esplanade and sample, well, everything.

    Go there. The Bier Markt was one of my regular stomps when I used to live in Toronto. Actually, I used to live a few minutes away, in a condo right by the St. Lawrence Market.

    If they carry Blue Moon, try that one too.

    Apr 29, 04:55 PM
    with Apple it is in AAC that can be converted to MP3, whereas Amazon sells just the MP3.

    Are you saying mp3 cannot be converted to aac? It certainly (and easily) can be done. You can even use iTunes to do it. It isn't the greatest idea as you aren't going to gain any quality and will almost certainly lose quality, but the exact same thing would happen converting aac to mp3.

    May 1, 10:56 PM
    you do that :rolleyes: ... your textbook on terrorism now needs to be updated with Osama dead

    My textbook is 7 years old.

    Aug 2, 09:36 AM
    :confused: :confused: :confused: How old are you?

    29 and currently doing a PHD in Architectural design.

    Apr 24, 02:37 PM
    they don't even mention that it is a WHITE iPhone...
    I feel like that is more interesting than the fact that it is a T-mobile phone...

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