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  • paradox00
    Nov 10, 03:41 PM
    just goes to show people still want to be able to see flash on their iphones reguardless of how bloated

    I got it just to test it out, and I suspect many others did the same.

    Processing Flash on a server means the bloat isn't on the phone, so this doesn't actually mean people want flash at any cost. That said, click to flash would be nice, but we'll never see it.

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  • macnews
    May 4, 12:23 AM
    A late summer release could explain why Apple wasn't so worried about releasing a Verizon iPhone in Feb (Jan announce) because it meant they would at least have 6-7 months before a new iPhone came out.

    Of course I do find it funny how people complain about a new iPhone coming out because they want the newest and latest but never a new Android.

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  • mjteix
    Apr 27, 12:37 AM
    While "great deal faster" is fuzzy language open to interpretation, IMO I don't consider 10 Gbps TBolt to be a "great deal faster" than 6 Gbps SATA. TBolt can't handle two SATA connections at full bandwidth - that's not a "great deal faster" in my opinion.

    When it was called "Light Peak", the technology had a lot of promise. Now that it's been downgraded to daisy-chained copper - it's only a little bit better than USB 3.0. Except that we can buy USB 3.0 devices, it's still "in the future" for TBolt devices.

    You always seem to forget that Tbolt is a dual bidirectional 10Gb/s channel technology, so in fact it can handle 4 SATA connections, 2 upstream and 2 downstream. With room to spare. On a single port.

    But besides the raw speed of TBolt, it's the variety of devices that will be available: high-end storage, audio and video, docking equipment, etc., and the fact that PCIe-class devices will finally be available for computers without PCIe slots. It's perfectly sound for a company like Apple with 90% of their computers without PCIe slots, to pioneer that kind of technology.

    Copper or optical wouldn't have change a thing except the max. length of the connection (up to 100m instead of 3m). And FWIW, the only devices you can buy today in USB3 are marginally faster (than FW800) single storage units, and there are already single solid-state drives that are faster than USB3 (http://www.ocztechnology.com/ocz-vertex-3-sata-iii-2-5-ssd.html). A couple of video devices that are already obsolete due to some TBolt announcements, and not a single audio interface. No need to trash TBolt because it can't handle $50,000+ devices (RAID Arrays of SSD on 16x PCIe cards) that only a handful of people worldwide will ever buy. As for the "low-end" ioDrive duo, prices range from $9,000 to $12,000 (320/640GB).

    Somehow I'm glad Tbolt is not fast enough to handle those devices, I also need a new car.

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  • Mackan
    May 3, 08:00 AM
    Apple continues their model to suck most money out of their customers.


    -Can't buy base 21.5'' with 6770M or 6970M.
    -Can't buy base 27'' with 6970M.

    Why does it always have to be that if you want a good graphics card, you must go for the top model, and thereby paying so much more than if you could just customize the base model with it?

    Already know the answer, but let your defending excuses come.


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  • MacVixen
    Mar 2, 10:28 AM
    Emilio? Isn't he still at home waiting for a script for Breakfast Club 2?

    :mad: Emiilo is busy being a director and winegrower, thank you very much :mad: :p

    As to Charlie - I'm of two minds - I do think that part of this is definitely publicity. He probably hasn't had so many requests for interviews in years! On the other hand, even though that drug test he took was supposedly negative - I think that's probably a temporary thing and he will back to hitting the crack pipe pretty darn soon if he hasn't started up again already.

    As to losing his children - yes it's sad for him, but definitely good for them. although with a drug-addicted mom - perhaps there is a well meaning relative that could step in for the boys? Charlie has 5 kids. His oldest is married I think, so don't know what she has had to deal with. But Denise always had custody of the 2 girls and I think for while there he wasn't even allowed visitation, so sadly, I don't think losing visitation rights is going to change anything for Charlie.

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  • ozreth
    Jan 27, 01:08 AM
    12 Packs through amazon

    Why amazon?


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  • Corey Grandy
    Sep 12, 09:36 PM
    I actually get a half-green, half-passion tea lemonade. Try it. It's good. :)

    Corey, that dog is adorable. What breed?

    Thank you :)
    He is a Toy American Eskimo (Eskimo/German/American Spitz).

    Not Japanese, I'm dumb :)

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    Jul 11, 03:14 PM
    Apple knows what their doing. They will wait as long as they can on the 5G. Then before competition arises they will release a new one to stay on top. I wouldn't doubt that they announce a new iPod during the WWDC(a month away, eeekkk!). Jobs talked a little bit about the iPod the last few years, at the WWDC.

    Then again, Microsoft lost money on every Xbox sold just to get their foot in the door. It's possible they will do the same thing on the "iPod Killer". Time will tell.


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  • TwoSocEmBoppers
    Mar 16, 07:56 AM
    Ni shi zhong guo ren ma?

    If so, I'm in line at Brea as well. Hard to believe that we managed to get in as early as we did.

    Wait are you inside?!?!?! I got here about 5:30 and I couldn't get in. Outside Red Robin.

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  • balamw
    Oct 23, 04:21 PM
    This is actually an incorrect report that Microsoft has tried to correct, but it keeps getting reported.


    I know we jump all over MS for spreading FUD... We shouldn't do the same.
    Microsoft's "correction" is discussed further in the "update" on the article you linked:


    The bottom line is that Vista Home Basic/Premium are not licensed for use in a VM. Ulitmate and Business editions are OK.



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  • joeboy_45101
    Oct 23, 11:04 AM
    Oh well, all this says to me is that Vista is going to suck even more than I originally thought. :D

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  • Brien
    Mar 12, 02:22 AM
    Yeah. I'll be calling Brea tomorrow to vent, but I doubt that will get me anywhere.

    And FWIW, most of the AT&T stores here in Fullerton/Brea didn't get any iPads. Makes you wonder how many of each model Apple actually got. Nobody seemed to be touching those Verizon iPads with a 10 foot pole.


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  • nwcs
    Apr 14, 12:23 PM
    Jailbreaking hole plugged?

    Of course since jailbreaks only happen because of security holes. So I hope Apple closes up security holes even if it means jailbreaking breaks. While I'd like Apple to make it possible to jailbreak easier I won't begrudge them this approach.

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  • Eriden
    Mar 10, 11:01 PM
    For the 1st gen iPad launch at Brea Mall, I arrived about 3 hours early, and there were approximately 100 people in line ahead of me.

    I'll be hitting Brea about 4 hours early with my iPad and catching up on some reading. Maybe a game of Infinity Blade or two. I'm hoping that the InvisibleShield kiosk outside the Apple Store will have iPad2 specific screen shields in stock on day 1. I just want the lady to work on a few iPad 2s before she tackles mine to build up some experience.


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  • MrCrowbar
    Jul 24, 08:44 PM
    Sounds cool to me. I guess all those people worried about fungerprints on the potencially touch screen iPod are psyched about this. So it is a touchscrenn you don't actually touch? This could really work out if done right. I wonder if you can still control your iPod in your pocked without having to look at it though... the iPod remote will come in handy if not :)

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  • cuestakid
    May 1, 11:42 PM
    I would just like to mention two things:

    1. Today is yom hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day)
    2. Yesterday, April 30, 2011 is the anniversary of Hitler's death.

    Just want to through those two items out there


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  • cjbryce
    Apr 14, 10:27 AM
    I always wondered if the rumors of the iPad3 for September is actually a smaller tablet designed to compete against the Barnes & Noble Nook Color and (possibly) an upcoming Amazon Kindle Android tablet. It would feature iOS 5, Retina Display (for easier reading), the iBookstore, and could run iPhone or iPod Touch apps. Market it as a separate product, and maybe even use the iBook name again.

    Then again - after seeing a TV commercial for a Samsung TV that has a bunch of apps, maybe the Apple HDTV set isn't a bad rumor either.

    Well, If I was in product development at Apple*, I might look around and see what the biggest iPad competitors were producing and come to the conclusion that if I produced a 7" iBook running iBooks and a few other iOS Apps and priced it to compete reasonably well with the Kindle, then launched it shortly before Christmas then I might hook quite a lot more customers into the Apple ecosystem.

    At the same time I'd hopefully attract the I-have-a-laptop-so-I-don't-want-a-tablet-but-an-eReader-would-be-nice segment of the market which, judging by the number of MR posters saying that here, is quite large.

    *But I'm not. However I'll have a tenner on at Ladbrokes that that's what's coming in September.:)

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  • Paul Graham
    Jan 31, 03:52 PM
    Why have a Canon and a Nikon? Does that not mean you have to buy lenses for both?

    Why not?
    I have lenses for both, But I do have numerous adaptors that let me use my entire lens collection on all my cameras.
    So I do save money in that sense.

    Why do people have two or more computers, An xbox AND a ps3 etc etc etc.....

    both cameras have their pros and cons, And I utilize both for their pros!
    As I do with my film slr's.

    Plus... I also collect cameras, Hense why i have more than one film cam.

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  • aiqw9182
    Apr 22, 09:23 AM
    As expected.

    Apple all life
    Jan 27, 06:49 PM
    To add to my post-workout recovery drink:


    My post-workout recovery drink:

    After researching, I discovered that chocolate milk has the same carb to protein ratio that expensive recovery drink mixes have (such as the P90X Recovery Drink). So, instead of spending around $60/month, I've elected to go with the chocolate milk, and to add a few supplements that are important for muscle recovery (which are found in those expensive drinks). Any excuse to drink chocolate milk is a good one.

    My moms boyfriend did alot of research and some tests about it. I used to play paintball and he always told me to drink chocolate milk after and sometimes during.

    Apr 26, 01:33 PM
    wow, this is awful, ****ing capitalists apple. This is why I'll use soundcloud and NOT apple cloud.

    Then we got this guy over here. If you don't like capitalists what the **** are you doing on a macrumors forum? If 20 bucks made you just **** your pants, how did you afford a Mac or a iPad or iPhone. Not to be a dick but, Shouldn't you be buying some horse **** 3rd world version of the iPad from a lepar off the back of a horse buggy or something? SoundCloud has over a million subscribers, for a argueably less intuitive platform. Thats not capitalism?

    Nov 16, 03:42 PM
    Did you google the Panerai?
    Unfortunately...... :p

    Apr 15, 01:18 AM

    I love the look on his face, reminds me of my cat Muno that passed away last year, he was the grumpiest Siamese ever, but he love me, I loved him.

    Oct 24, 07:56 AM
    one thing i am very pleased about is that the stock 17" has all the specs i need (i will get more RAM elsewhere, not from apple, and not yet) 2GB RAM, 160GB HD, 2.33 C2D so now i do not have to CTO from apple, i can just go buy it in store.

    the only things i wish for more of would be a higher-end video card and easy access HD bay. other than that i am pleased.

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