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orlando bloom pirates

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  • Intell
    Apr 17, 05:32 PM
    What time would the day end and night end?

    It would be a fixed 24 time. Probably around the evening of EST.

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  • VanMac
    Jul 24, 08:33 PM
    Very Cool.

    One way to elimate scratches :)

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  • And Orlando Bloom Pirates

  • Tailpike1153
    Jan 12, 10:31 AM
    Head exploded from trying to figure out how much food is in 30000 claroies.:eek:

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  • Orlando Bloom has allegedly

  • charpi
    Apr 20, 10:40 AM
    I believe that I have posted it on some other thread but I'll post it here just for fun.

    Not sure if it is too feasible, just throwing possibilities.

    MBA + Backlit(Or not, I don't really mind) + Thunderbolt + Sandy Bridge

    And an external GPU connected by Thunderbolt if people needs it.


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  • knownikko
    Apr 22, 05:45 PM
    A phone shaped like the illustration would be an ergonomic disaster, in my opinion.

    I heard a rumor it was designed by the guys that do the Mac mice.

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  • kallisti
    Apr 10, 11:16 PM
    Reminded me of a flower stem for some reason.


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  • Orlando Bloom Pirates Of The

  • Master-D
    Apr 4, 02:16 AM
    My 1 year-old a couple of days before his first birthday (click for larger).


    He will love this pic when he is older. tough like rocky :)

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  • orlando bloom -pirates of the

  • gugy
    Apr 13, 03:17 PM
    Apple Television

    seriously doubt it.

    Too big, too expensive, too many costs associate with transport/housing/shipping.
    Saturate market with great quality products, fierce competition and very low profit margins.

    In another words something Apple basically want to avoid.


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  • orlando bloom pirates of

  • Ommid
    Apr 24, 06:36 AM

    The new iPhone 4S!!

    But who finds their iPhone 4 slow anyway!?

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  • Kwill
    Apr 22, 11:03 AM
    ...current generation of LTE chips forced design compromises that the company has been unwilling to make.
    Translation: Apple's new iPhone, code named Anorexia, couldn't possibly hold 2 chips! We aim to make a phone so thin, a postage stamp would add bulk.


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  • Pirates

  • NATO
    Jul 25, 09:51 AM
    In the UK edu prices:
    £31 for Mighty Mouse and £35 for the Bluetooth version.

    Not too bad I guess. I'll be holding out for the black version though :)

    I've been checking the UK store (Higher Ed + Normal) since the announcement, the Wireless Mighty Mouse is still not up there. Are you sure you're not confusing the Mighty Mouse with the wired one? ( The Wired Mighty Mouse is is £31.73 H.E, £35.00 Retail)

    Plus, I think we've already had a link to MacWorld showing the price at £49.99

    orlando bloom pirates. orlando bloom pirates
  • orlando bloom pirates

  • ABernardoJr
    Apr 22, 07:30 PM
    iPad 2 is thinner than the iPhone 4...

    And it also happens to be much larger than the iPhone 4... :confused:


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  • southernpaws
    Apr 23, 11:30 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    The fact is, we've been through this before. The iPhone 1 was going to be a huge failure because it didn't have 3G. They were concerned about coverage and battery life. It's the same issue now.

    People are saying apple should make those sacrifices now to keep up with technology. But nobody is addressing the fact that apple has historical evidence that this is a sound approach.

    So many people just love to see every issue from the Apple perspective. There are people who get paid for that. Should not you - as a consumer - care more about the gadget you want than Apple success?

    Using two separate chips eats battery life. Not to mention LTE is still "just" coming out, so it won't be widespread enough to take advantage of it until 2012 anyway.

    Apple does not have to use two chips. They could just design separate phone for Verizon (just like iPhone 4) which does not support GSM. Not ideal but that's where technology is today. At least Verizon customers could enjoy iPhone 5 with LTE.

    Im a shareholder. Similar to many others here that you mindlessly dismiss

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  • Astro7x
    May 3, 08:08 AM
    Does this model support Jumbo Frames for a change? Why did Apple have to take that feature out, we could go for some cheap iMac Workstations for video editing!


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  • rekahs
    Jul 28, 09:07 AM
    This sounds just like what they said with Xbox. They want it to do something new, they expect it to be the next big thing, and it's gonna take a few years. I think once Wii is released, we'll see 360 take a market dive just like 360 did, and Zune may well face the same fate.

    surely if you look at it that way the ipod is in the position the 360 is in and the zune is like the wii.

    however i really dont think microsoft will ever be able to compete.

    they're fighting against a huge marketshare.
    and ms will never be as "cool" as apple.

    apple would have to do alot wrong to lose their position now.

    as for microsoft calling it a "long-term project"
    yeah...long-term like getting vista working?

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  • chrmjenkins
    Apr 22, 04:14 PM
    This would be a good reason for it to be delayed until September.


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  • D4F
    Apr 28, 04:56 PM
    It's ok that Macs are overpriced big time, no problem that they come with not so up to date hardware yet people bitch that they are 'screwed' cause they will need a new... bumper case....

    Hahaha. I just can't stop laughing.

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  • Orlando Bloom Reported to be

  • lewis82
    Sep 13, 09:13 PM
    Couldn't zoom in on the tag and don't recognize it. So back to square one...



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  • Orlando Bloom Pirates of the

  • carve
    Nov 29, 05:09 PM
    This downhill longboard deck (Landyachtz Evo):


    Hello 50MPH+ :D

    Blah don't get an Evo, they suck all the fun out of downhill. Look into an Earthwing Belly Racer or a Comet VooDoo Doll

    Apr 16, 12:54 AM
    on my first gen ipad I had problems installing and had to do a restore, but after restore its working just fine.

    Apr 28, 06:19 PM
    The current 3GS with the cheapest plan you can get from AT&T would cost you 90% of what the same plan and a 4 would cost you.

    Not sure what's amazing about that, and I'm pretty sure that when the 5 is out, the 4 will end up costing roughly the same.

    Hardly amazing.

    Unless you're math challenged.

    Which anyone would be anyone who would consider such a deal for 3GS now or for a 4 when 5 is out.

    Considering the number of 3GS still being sold, there's a lot of math challenged iOS users out there.

    I don't know if you know how math works, but there are no discounts for not having a subsidy. You don't factor in the cost of service, that is not relevant. You will pay that regardless of the handset device. My regular iPhone would cost that.

    What about someone with multiple accounts? The additional line is $10 a month. You failed to consider all the factors in your math.

    For people buying an expensive smartphone getting the 3GS is a good deal. Notice how they sell more of them then any other smartphone besides the iPhone 4, even when Android handset makers give away their product.

    Apr 14, 12:21 PM
    Our sons first 'performance'.


    85mm, 1/125, f4

    Hans Brix
    May 1, 11:21 PM
    It's about time.

    Sep 30, 03:17 PM
    This is exactly my experience in Brooklyn, NY. I'm considering going back to Verizon. How much does it cost o break the att contract?

    175 minus 5 dollars for every month completed under contract. I just looked up that info myself last week :)

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