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  • notjustjay
    Apr 26, 03:37 PM
    All the rest of the stuff (dealing with power outages, internet outages, maintenance, restarts, software updates, etc.) is nonsense. It's what I do normally or would only very remotely occur.

    I didn't say it was a BIG deal, just that it may be a factor to consider. Granted, I did lump in "basically anything that could cause your server to not be available when you need it".

    I actually do keep all my music on a NAS in my basement so I can access it anywhere. It generally works well. However, sometimes my home internet connection is down and I can't connect. And one problem with my NAS (D-Link DNS-323) is that after a power failure, it doesn't automatically start up again when the power comes back. That has been the cause of many "Grr, why isn't it connecting?" moments for me. It's not a big problem, I just have to remember to go downstairs and turn it on again. And lately I've noticed that instead of spinning up the drive to give me my files, it times out and doesn't let me connect at all. Maybe a firmware upgrade needed?

    All I'm saying is, I can see paying $20/year to not have to deal with these kinds of issues.

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  • MikeTheC
    Jan 26, 12:20 AM
    Much like stupid users, stock market investors are a whole class of people for whom I have not the slightest bit of pity.

    Apple's stock went down basically due to two factors. First, Apple's Stevenote and subsequent quarterly were lackluster. That's under Apple's direct control.

    Second, the market was going down anyhow, so it dragged Apple's stock with it. Yet somehow Apple (or any other company) is supposed to react to this? Why? Because a bunch of fickle-minded simpletons want their money after behaving in a way which helped to contribute to lower stock prices? Yech. Give me a break.

    Yes, I know the economy is in a slump. Er, downturn. Um, recession. Yeah, whatever. Call it what you will. But why companies have this fear-threat knee-jerk reaction to stock price when it has absolutely nothing to do with what they have done (which, again to be clear, is only 50% true here in Apple's case), I'll simply never know.

    I, for one, didn't care for Stevenote '08. I think there should have been other things for Steve to have introduced. And they wouldn't have to be lavishly over-the-top, either. Just good, useful, and desired things. But nevertheless, it's not like I think Apple's leadership suddenly all developed alzheimers' and now *oh my God* the ship's going to run a-ground, oh save us, save us!

    Load of crap, the lot of it.

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  • mdntcallr
    Oct 23, 10:21 AM
    this is just microsofts way to stick it to the mac user who wants to use dual booting. not those who will use boot camp?

    anyway you look at it, this is lame. Can't we just pay them and they accept our money? Now they will tell us it isn't enough, we have to pay more.

    screw ms, people can't get a break FROM THESE LOSERS~!!

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  • Mr. DG
    Oct 24, 08:41 AM
    as others have mentioned, i'm a little surprised that only the 17inch model has a 7200rpm drive option. i'm going to check with apple directly to see if i can get a custom 15inch with a 7200 drive. my audio apps don't work well with the anything slower.

    having said that, the ram, fw800 and dual layer burner are a nice addition

    Agreed about the lack of 7200HD options, sucks for music on the go, esp. using ableton live. Though an external FW800 drive will help bridge the gap.


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  • Full of Win
    Apr 22, 07:16 PM
    it can double as a "knife"....

    Once again, an area that Palm has done before with the Pre.


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  • JNO4
    Apr 13, 08:25 PM
    I'll stick with my OG iPhone 4


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  • mleary
    Nov 3, 10:28 AM
    Is this for Intel Macs only or will it work on PPC too?

    There is a PPC version but it will only run the PPC version of Windows.

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  • 840quadra
    Dec 1, 04:44 PM
    lol system 7? Why?? No one runs Windows 95 for fun...


    It is not Windows 95, and that is for me to worry about.


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  • torbjoern
    May 2, 12:47 AM
    Right about now Bin Laden is sitting next to the furnace in hell

    Nah - probably in Heaven with his 70 virgins on the magic mother-of-pearl bed where not even the angels can see what he's doing...

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  • JosiahPB
    Jul 18, 12:04 PM
    I think cement and gravity are more of a killer to an iPod than a Microsoft product will ever be.


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  • richard4339
    Apr 14, 03:05 PM
    Things seem to be smoother with my VZ iPhone 4 opening and closing programs. I always though my iPTouch 4G was snappier than my VZ iPhone but I think they are on par with each other now. This probably has nothing to do with it, but I just did a speedtest and I have yet to ever hit those numbers until now. I was averaging anywhere from 650-1200kbps and sometimes 1500kbps on rare occasions.

    (Picture will resize if it is huge. I apologize. It just takes a little bit of time for Photobucket to catch up.)

    My upload is better, but my download is the same.

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  • 3goldens
    May 4, 02:04 PM
    No new iphone in July?

    What am I going to do!

    And this information comes from where you say, one of those idiot ATT customer reps?

    Must be true then!

    But who cares really!

    People who can't wait a few more months need to get a grip!

    After all this leaves so much more time for all the rumors and speculation to get really cranked up!


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  • CJM
    May 3, 07:45 AM
    Lol at the comparison specs... HL2, CoD4, Portal..

    The only recent game there is SC2.

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  • Loves2spoon
    Mar 10, 07:14 PM
    Poor Jon Cryer... They should give him a spin off!


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  • NickZac
    Jan 30, 01:03 PM
    I heard on the radio that the first thing he did every morning was to pull up TMZ to see what Charlie had done so if he knew whether to go to work or not

    And I saw a tweet that said that Lindsay Lohan was worried about him
    You know if she is worried about him you have reached the bottom

    LMAO what a boss!

    And Lindsay Lohan being concerned over someone going on a 'binge'...to be honest I don't even have words to express my thoughts

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  • MegaSignal
    Jul 17, 09:38 PM
    Huh? Bluetooth absolutely kicks ass! I have used it extensively with my laptop and my cell-phone, when making data-calls through the phone. No need to have any wires, no need to even take out the phone. Just turn on Bluetooth on the computer and dial. And it just works. Granted, few years ago Bluetooth had all kinds of problems. But it works very very well these days.

    Now, it might be that operators in USA cripple Bluetooth (I have heard that they do that). Luckily in Finland they don't do that, and things work very well indeed.

    I'm happy that it works well for you.

    However: the only reason that I have to reboot and restart any Mac computer in my house is because of this abomination; when Bluetooth is disabled, no problems. Unfortunately, I must use it occasionally with my iBook, and, as such, deal with its dire consequences.

    End of story.


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  • 0815
    May 3, 08:06 AM
    Nice upgrade :) ... but I was hoping for an 500GB SSD option :(

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  • gr8tfly
    Jan 26, 01:30 AM
    I've lost a bit. :( actually quite a lot. I bought at around 170ish a while ago in prepare for the surge of macworld like last year but am at a bit of a loss right now. I think my avatar shows my recent mood.

    I wouldn't worry. Just sit back and wait a bit. It'll be back. I have some I bought at 26 (pre-split) and some I bought around iDay (146). Not too worried, but I'm in for long haul anyway.

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  • ucfgrad93
    Mar 7, 04:38 PM
    This should have happened. They made the right decision. Sheen needs serious help, not coddling.

    You'll get no argument from me.

    Apr 29, 03:00 PM
    considering that amazon sells mp3 format and apple sells their non-universal format, it still doesn't matter to me. Until apple gets real and starts selling MP3s I will continue to buy from amazon. But I guess they don't care.

    You like lossy compression? How 1990's of you.

    Feb 25, 11:25 AM
    Poor Jon Cryer. :D

    And poor Conchata Ferrell. She never fails to steal a scene as Berta. It's hard enough for BBW actresses to get a gig on TV these days (with the notable exception of Mike & Molly), and now this happens.

    Apr 25, 11:28 AM
    Anyone want's to buy off of me? 27" base model; UK [hardly used; applecare until late 2013] for �1250. :|


    Apr 29, 02:48 PM
    Personally, I dislike the idea of buying market share by taking a loss, which has long been Amazon's strategy. Nor do I like MP3s, in general, versus AAC. iTunes will continue to have higher sound quality...

    Apr 11, 06:08 PM
    Sucks that there will be no PCIe option for Mac Pro owners. I just bought a new 6-Core system. However, "Light Peak" will be better with full system fiber optic integration driving everything from drives to displays, making for less internal parts for one universal control system (as I understand it).

    Perhaps in the 2012 Mac Pro's (this would be hugely beneficial in portables and iMacs as well as they could benefit from less hardware with a streamlined "Light Peak/Thunderbolt" system).

    Intel says that direct connection to both PCIe and the graphics processor is required for Thunderbolt, but I wonder just why it would not be possible to use a PCIe card for a "data only" connection to external TB storage devices and leave the video to the existing connections? It seems to me that there should be a sufficiently large market for such a card to warrant third party development. I don't think that anyone would be upset at having a second connector for their display...seeing as how they have one now...and would be very happy to have a data connection quicker than FW 800.

    Intel denies that Apple have an exclusive use of Thunderbolt, but it does not seem as though the PC motherboard manufacturers are making much of an effort to let people know that they will be offering Thunderbolt native motherboards anytime soon. In fact, the only thing I keep hearing is "late this year or early next year" which is not likely to build a base within the PC community which, IMO, is necessary for Thunderbolt to avoid becoming the next Firewire...not a complete failure, but not exactly a success either.

    The NAB may tell the tale.

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