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the dark knight rises trailer official

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  • edenwaith
    Apr 12, 10:25 AM
    For ATT, Verizon and Sprint.

    No, it will be exclusively available for T-Mobile USA and be running Android 3!

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  • bman1209
    Mar 31, 11:10 AM
    Can someone confirm there isn't going to be a to-do list in Lion? This is ridiculous!

    So how about a to-do list, hey Apple?

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  • rico99
    Apr 13, 08:37 PM
    Here, I was beginning to wonder if I'd have to keep my 2G iPhone working until iPhone5 came out.

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  • freeny
    Oct 24, 08:06 AM
    haha, of course, and I bought on saturday :p
    I'll decide what to do later, I'm well within the 14 day return obviously, but I'm also not too keen on returning the laptop and waiting a few more weeks for a new one to arrive in Canada.
    Id return and get the faster one. It will suck until it arrives but once you got it youll be thanking yourself.

    I am 5 days out of the exchange after grabbing one a few weeks ago.... Oh well.


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  • thadoggfather
    Apr 28, 05:37 PM
    I think getting a white backplate and keeping the black front is the best of both worlds. That white front looks ugly and disoriented with an obvious front cam and that black PS (looks like sharpie has been applied to the mesh grill original design), and when the screens off, looks even worse.

    I'll stick with mine :)

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  • shurcooL
    Apr 13, 06:32 PM
    What are they gonna call it? Apple TV?


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  • jessica.
    Nov 29, 07:21 PM
    All I want is a real, good friend.

    Me too buddy, me too. :o

    But as far as material crap goes, gift cards to Lowe's and Home Depot (that's Lowe's Home Improvement for those nearby a Lowes Foods :p)

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  • Icaras
    Apr 26, 12:33 PM
    I don't know about other countries, but I've noticed so many people in America just expect almost everything to be free these days.

    I mean, seriously? It's getting a little tiresome.


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  • valdore
    Jan 26, 01:36 AM
    Actually Nasdaq is an index, not a trading cite. The NYSE is an exchange (much like one we'd find in London, Tokyo, etc). What Apple is not listed under is the Dow 30 (commonly referred to only as "the Dow" or "Dow Jones Industrial Average"), which lists the 30 largest companies of the US based on industry and importance (current ones include WalMart, GE, CitiGroup, etc).

    Nasdaq is first and foremost an electronic stock trading medium, but also an index. You needn't elaborate on what the NYSE is, I have a bachelor's degree in finance and work in commodities.

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  • toddybody
    Apr 22, 07:50 PM
    I just want a bigger screen on the iP5...all these droids with 4inch' displays have me a tad jealous.


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  • wizard
    Apr 15, 11:01 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Learn from Google? What has Google developed that's anything close to an OS? And no, Chrome OS doesn't count...it's a giant web browser, with Cloud Apps...


    By that same vein, what has Apple ever developed that's anything close to a OS ? And no, Mac OS X, a bunch of components bought/taken from the open source community doesn't count... it's just a Unix distribution with a GUI layer on top. :rolleyes:

    It's easy to discount anything going with that mentality. The fact is, Chrome OS is as much an undertaking as OS X was. It's more than just a "Web browser" since web browsers cannot be booted and don't provide graphical sub-systems, input management and process scheduling obviously.

    (yes, I do realise Mac OS Classic existed).

    And to answer your question directly : Android. ;)

    Android what a laugh! The OS is Linux which they effectively forked. The SDK is built on a Java work alike, a work a like that has a questionable amount of others people's code in it. On top of that they purchased the company that started out developing the concept of Android.

    It is reasonable to question if Android is even an ethical product. I don't think it is thus I steer people away from it. I don't want to discount the intelligence of the people working at Google, but I don't think the management there has any respect for the property of others. Android is just one factor here, google has problems with copyright and the concept of personal property.

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  • djpic
    Apr 28, 04:35 PM
    Everyone here seemed to have bought the black iphone 4 and now are buying the white iphone 4? I think that is stupid, why not just wait for iphone 5????

    Plus, you buy a white iphone then putting a case on it? lol, why not just buy a white case for your black phone? :confused:

    Sorry, I love apple products but these complains and (no offense) re-buyers of a $299+ product just for a color change is ridiculous. Plus is anyone out of contract yet? So you are renewing your contract and paying $299+ for old technology. :eek: This gives all us other apple enthusiasts a bad name (as being people without any common sense).

    How many are waiting for the 'nano colored' one???? :p


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  • Waybo
    Apr 14, 08:58 PM

    C&C welcomed & appreciated, as always.

    ISO 400, 21mm, f/4.5, 1/1000

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  • wmk461
    Jan 30, 05:39 PM
    Interesting, considering there are only 194 recognized countries on Earth. Which planet are the other 6 countries located on?

    Well after looking it up several reports state that about 130 countries have US occupied bases that are active... The point is we are overextended.

    "It's not easy to assess the size or exact value of our empire of bases. Official records on these subjects are misleading, although instructive. According to the Defense Department's annual "Base Structure Report" for fiscal year which itemizes foreign and domestic U.S. military real estate, the Pentagon currently owns or rents 702 overseas bases in about 130 countries and HAS another 6,000 bases in the United States and its territories. Pentagon bureaucrats calculate that it would require at least $113.2 billion to replace just the foreign bases -- surely far too low a figure but still larger than the gross domestic product of most countries -- and an estimated $591,519.8 million to replace all of them. The military high command deploys to our overseas bases some 253,288 uniformed personnel, plus an equal number of dependents and Department of Defense civilian officials, and employs an additional 44,446 locally hired foreigners. The Pentagon claims that these bases contain 44,870 barracks, hangars, hospitals, and other buildings, which it owns, and that it leases 4,844 more.

    These numbers, although staggeringly large, do not begin to cover all the actual bases we occupy globally. The 2003 Base Status Report fails to mention, for instance, any garrisons in Kosovo -- even though it is the site of the huge Camp Bondsteel, built in 1999 and maintained ever since by Kellogg, Brown & Root. The Report similarly omits bases in Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Qatar, and Uzbekistan, although the U.S. military has established colossal base structures throughout the so-called arc of instability in the two-and-a-half years since 9/11.

    For Okinawa, the southernmost island of Japan, which has been an American military colony for the past 58 years, the report deceptively lists only one Marine base, Camp Butler, when in fact Okinawa "hosts" ten Marine Corps bases, including Marine Corps Air Station Futenma occupying 1,186 acres in the center of that modest-sized island's second largest city. (Manhattan's Central Park, by contrast, is only 843 acres.) The Pentagon similarly fails to note all of the $5-billion-worth of military and espionage installations in Britain, which have long been conveniently disguised as Royal Air Force bases. If there were an honest count, the actual size of our military empire would probably top 1,000 different bases in other people's countries, but no one -- possibly not even the Pentagon -- knows the exact number for sure, although it has been distinctly on the rise in recent years."



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  • joeshell383
    Dec 20, 01:58 AM
    V.I.S.T.A (Virus Infections Spyware Trojans Adware)

    I like that one :D

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  • mikeschmeee
    Apr 14, 07:28 PM
    Behind the scenes....

    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5187/5620100939_a0ef9a7b2b.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikeschmeee/5620100939/)


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  • benhollberg
    May 1, 10:32 PM
    CNN says the Pakistan government had a part in the killing of Bin Laden.

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  • ZooCrewMan
    Apr 15, 03:02 PM
    :rolleyes: Whatever. I'm not NDA police. Pirate all you want. Just don't be pissed when people don't post the changelog RIGHTAWAYS.

    Who says I pirated anything? All I was trying to say, is that it really gets tiring to see this back and forth every time any preview comes out. We all know that people have to agree to not disclose things. We all also know that most people ignore that requirement. It doesn't do any good to remind anyone of non-disclosure agreements. People are going to talk about it anyway. Just saying...

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  • Vizin
    Apr 22, 01:39 PM
    Not a huge surprise, sadly. Can we at least get HSPA+?

    Apr 22, 05:41 PM
    That thing looks terribly ugly.

    Jul 24, 04:45 PM
    in for one!

    Been waiting for this to be released since the mighty mouse was intially introduced.

    Jul 24, 03:22 PM
    Using Apple.com prices for comparison, current Mighty Mouse is $49 and Bluetooth Mouse is $59.

    I would like to see the Bluetooth Mighty Mouse at $59 or even better a Bluetooth Keyboard and Mighty Mouse Combo for $99.

    Ditto - if the mouse is 70 dollars, there's no way I'll pay for it (I'm still surprised I forked over the 50 dollars for the last Mighty Mouse...)

    My guess? They lower the price of the wired Mighty Mouse a bit, discontinue the other bluetooth mouse, and replace it with a bluetooth Mighty Mouse for 50-60 dollars. My hope? They offer a bundle, with both the wireless keyboard + mouse for 99 dollars or less.

    Apr 11, 01:23 PM
    Could someone clarify this for me: Aren't hard drives too slow to make use of Thunderbolt anyway? In a typical USB 2.0 external hard drive, what is the bottleneck in speed: The speed at which the hard drive spins, or the USB 2.0 connection? If it's the USB, then why do people even care about the RPM of a drive? If it's the RPM, then isn't USB 2.0 fast enough to run a hard drive at its native speed?

    Oct 18, 06:26 PM
    so what will we see in 2007?

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