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  • iOS v Android
    Apr 29, 02:42 PM
    Yes. I am sure the number 3-25 top selling smartphones all have hardware keyboards.

    The 1 and 2 are both Apple iPhones and they don't have them though.

    I suspect the sales figures of the iPhone 4 and 3GS probably surpass the top 8-10 Android devices combined.

    That is called marketplace domination. Clearly a lot of people here don't have much business experience or understand how business works, but such control of a marketplace is significant, especially given the number of devices available for sale.

    Does HTC sell more smartphones than Apple? Does Motorola? How about Samsung? No, no and no.

    I believe samsung is the highest selling smartphone manufacturer when you take into account that it does have its own OS that it still sells. They are currently the highest selling phone manufacturer. It is difficult to compete with the iPhone. One factor many of you are simply ignoring is that if you want iOS on your phone you have to buy an iPhone. If you want android you do not have to buy a nexus. Limiting the amount of models that run the software will funnel all the sales into those models. It makes since when you think about it.

    The second thing is do people consider the phone "families". Like how Samsung makes the Galaxy S then they redo it several times in the Year. They release it on different carriers with slightly different bodies and button layout and different radios. It happens their is a Galaxy S phone on every major US Carrier. The LG Optimus 1 is on every US carrier but Boost mobile.

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  • Abstract
    Feb 28, 06:04 AM
    It does seem like he is serious about staying sober though.

    At least Sheen's acting managed to fool one person.

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 13, 10:54 AM
    Cool it down.

    Cool what down ? Are you proposing my post was made out of anger ? Written text has no emotionality.

    It is possible that Apple 'dictated'. It is possible that intel did it on their own. No one has a concrete answer to this. So it's better to let it go.

    It is possible indeed, hence why I'm asking for citations to what someone posted as fact, rather than as a possibility. Citation to support the fact still has not been provided.

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  • satkin2
    Apr 26, 02:26 PM
    Until this speculation is confirmed and Apple reveal what their plans really are, I'll reserve judgement on whether this is value for money or not. But it wouldn't surprise me if they do charge something. To not charge would mean adverts, I'd rather pay a small premium, much like a do with Mobile Me than have adverts. Each to their own though.


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  • Keleko
    Apr 8, 01:59 PM
    Ferrell's Hamburgers in Hopkinsville, KY, is the home of the best burgers in the world!

    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5104/5601269592_3f8798813f_b.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/22077805@N07/5601269592/in/photostream/)

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  • CalZephyr
    Apr 26, 06:10 PM
    $20/year is a reasonable charge, but it seems terribly disproportionate to the $99/year for MobileMe. I'm guessing if there's any validity to this rumor, we'll see some price restructuring for MobileMe. At least I'd hope so.


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  • SkyeHack
    Jan 30, 12:55 PM
    You're also part of the insanely big spender family if that entire group is your last purchase.

    lol, not really.

    I couldn't afford the 27 inch Apple Cinema Display.... :'(

    I'm envious of those who have it...

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  • Apple OC
    May 2, 12:25 AM
    The perception was that he was not in charge for a few years. If he was in a mansion and not a cave he might have still have a bigger role than we thought. I don't think this will end Al Qaeda but it could slow them down for a while.

    I agree ... the question now is ... what role did the people in that mansion play?

    this story is just beginning


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  • Mattsasa
    Apr 28, 11:25 AM
    If apple got their dual-band world phone out a year earlier, for all carriers, it would have made a huge difference!!!! I can't believe apple is delaying the iPhone 5!!!!!!!!!!

    I am not apple, so I am probably wrong, but delaying the IPhone 5 seems like the worst business decision ever!!!!!!!!!

    The iPhone 5 better be a major upgrade that makes it better than all the other devices out there, and better be on all carriers!!!!

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  • jessica.
    Sep 14, 08:40 AM
    A real estate business?

    A real estate sign making business?
    I deal in wood.
    Now you can redo your setup! Awesome! Congrats!
    Yeah, it is actually the first room I am tackling because it's also how I'm paying for the house. ;)
    Friggin' awesome.

    Congrats. When's the housewarming?

    hah umm Mid November maybe.


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  • Stella
    Jul 28, 07:35 AM
    Don't discount microsoft - they have money to lose for years in trying to get #1 for MP3 - slowly they creep up and overturn Apple - apple doesn't ahve the same stamina.

    A long term commitment, not a short term thing.

    Awesome! I can't wait for Vista! And now Zune! Who needs those silly Macs?

    Uh, why is this on page 1? We already have enough iPod news, now we're going to be following an MS product that doesn't exist yet? C'mon! More grainy photos of elevators! Chop, Chop!



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  • kryten3000
    May 1, 10:58 PM
    Am i the only who cannot access ANY video of the speech?



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  • appleguy
    Aug 18, 04:41 PM
    1) Is there now a way to shift several events in time simultaneously, so you don't have to change each one individually when you want to move a group of events?
    Nah you can select more than one event but you can only move one at a time.

    2) When you select several events from different calendars and copy and paste them do they all turn into the same calendar category like the current version of iCal operates?
    Okies I tried to select 2 events (2 different days on 2 different Calendars)
    I then created a new calendar and pasted the 2 into there. Both changed to that colour Calendar. was that what you were after?

    3) Are there any more display options that let you control how events are displayed?
    Not from what I can see.
    the version number of ical is 3.0

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  • DaveGee
    Jul 28, 02:49 PM
    It will FAIL!!!!!!! Idiot M$:rolleyes:

    But just remember (and don't ever forget), it's not just a "ham sandwich", it's a "HAM Sandwich!" :lol:



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  • ozreth
    Jan 27, 01:08 AM
    12 Packs through amazon

    Why amazon?

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  • ChrisTX
    Apr 22, 08:08 PM
    I don't like this wedge fetish Apple is on. Tell me this thing will look better when I sober up. :eek:

    I'm sober and it's not looking all that good from my end. :-/


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  • SmileyBlast!
    Apr 13, 02:13 PM
    ATV + dock connector is much more realistic.
    ATV = All Terrain Vehicle?
    Now you are talking. I could see Apple Vehicles.
    Way Cool.

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  • gwangung
    Jul 21, 07:44 PM
    By definition, having alternatives makes Apple NOT a monopoly.

    Really. We have an awful lot of ill-educated people around here who think they know economics....Wayyyyyyy too many people are saying that with a straight face.

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  • absynth
    Apr 14, 01:19 PM
    hopefully there will also be a slight speed bump & lowering of price to tide people over till september without feeling ripped off when they buy one.

    My contract ends in may but i dont want to wait till september for a contract renewal.

    Jul 28, 09:36 AM
    It seems that nobody ever likes anything successful.. Look at poor mcdonalds,coca cola,Ford and now apple and its ipod.... All the biggest comapanies always get in trouble. BMW and their idrive, ford and the firestone blowouts, apple and hearing loss... while dont people stop being jealous and peee off.

    I think, if big companies or successful products are being "attacked" it's because a lot of people are using their products and at a certain point those companies have to have a much bigger responsibility towards the enduser.

    Because as more people are using the iPod as more people are in danger using it the wrong way and suffer from hearing loss.

    Of course a lot of people sue big companies just for the sake of money and in North America the whole thing got out of hand, but I believe, that big companies have to make sure that people don't get hurt because of their products.

    -> Bigger influence of a product means way more responsibility for the company, because the chances, that the product hurts someone, raises.

    poor McDonald's, poor Coca Cola, yeah, right! We don't want discuss this topic.

    (sorry if my english is kinda bad, just got back to england)

    Jul 25, 01:18 AM
    this sounds very interesting and futuristic. i wonder how you click, or make a selection. it would be pointless if you could scroll wothout touching the screen, but had to touch it in order to click on the scroll wheel.
    im excited though! sounds cool!

    I can see how simple gestures could be recognized as the various clicks that you would normally do, so I don't think this would be an issue.

    Apr 28, 01:57 PM
    And thats just it.

    Google hasn't found a way to capitalizes on its smart phone market share.

    So even if they get 75% of the market and Apple keeps its 25%, in terms of revenue Apple is still going to "win".

    In the long term it will.

    IJ Reilly
    Jan 27, 11:35 AM
    True, that's why I like to look at the PEG Ratio (P/E to Growth). If we take the current price of 130 minus cash net of payables and receivables (approx $17 a share), you get 113 for the "enterprise" value of Apple. I'll give it a conservative $5/share earnings this year, for a P/E of 23. According to Yahoo, we have an estimate of 30% growth this year, so we are getting a PEG of less than 1 for this year. Less than 1 is cheap, HOWEVER, it doesn't mean it can't/won't get cheaper.

    Excellent comments. Long-time AAPL investors have seen these moments of despair before -- too many times before, to be honest. The markets have always treated Apple this way, unfortunately. It's difficult to imagine Apple's prospects being any brighter. The company is moving forward on all fronts. These are times when you have look down the road instead of at the potholes at your feet.

    May 3, 09:04 AM
    Sweet new iMacs but the animations on the apple.com/iMac image gallery on the iPad are so cool!

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