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  • GCwaitforever
    09-13 12:55 PM
    It is not illegal. Some companies apply for extensions a bit late and in the mean time, the VISA expires. It is OK. At the most he/she will not be able to drive as the drivers license is linked to the VISA expiry.

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  • wandmaker
    04-27 12:19 PM
    Green Card approved on April 23.
    How long does it take to get actual card?

    Good luck to all!

    If the everything goes per work flow then you should receive

    - Welcome Notice on or around or before April 30th
    - Physical Card anytime between April 30th and May 8th

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  • desi3933
    07-13 07:43 AM
    Would going to Canada and re-entering without going for visa stamping count as lawful entry??

    Or one has to go and get the visa stamped to qualify as lawful entry??

    Also when you go to Canada and come back Without VISA stamping, he gets the same I-94 or different I-94??


    You can re-enter from Canada with same I-94 and status as long as trip < 30 days.

    Yes, it resets out of status clock.

    Not a legal advice.

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  • judex
    05-05 12:02 AM

    senthil1 has a very good answer, now if you are asking for the specific date, no one can answer your question... better pray for the CIR to be passed first...


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  • girijas
    06-20 11:13 AM
    You can delete this thread. Thank You.

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  • ajp5
    08-05 04:50 PM
    There is just one thing you can do......pray........however gods immigration dept is as slow as USCIS............IV community will attest to that:)
    Ofcourse you dont need approved h1b to leave the country......only to come back..so if you will be there for a few weeks you can get PP done till then........make sure stamping etc is taken care of before you show up at POE.........


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  • ivuser
    02-19 01:06 PM
    Can we use automatic revalidation to enter USA without getting our visa's stamped. My h1 expired in 2006 and my spouse�s H4 expired in 2006.
    (Remember my spouse is applying for H1 )
    ANSWER:: No, with Canadian GC you can not enter USA for long term work, without stamping. I think entry for one month is permitted.

    QUESTION:: How safe it is Frequent travel to Canada and back
    ANSWER:: It is safe to cross US and Canada border, if you have multiple entry visa.

    QUESTION:: How safe it is to stay in Canada for duration of 3-6 months and come back to USA
    ANSWER:: As long as you are in H1 B there is no restriction. In future if you enter I-485, there are complications, if you continue to travel back and forth at that time too.

    QUESTION:: Once my spouse gets the H1 approved, should he move to H1 immediately or can continue on H4?
    ANSWER:: Once the H1 is approved and if the new I-94 is attached at the bottom of the H1 approval, then it means the status from H4 to H1 is transferred. If there is no I-94 then the status will get transferred while you get the visa stamping.

    QUESTION:: Stamping of H1 (first stamping for H1 in Canada) after conversion from H4[/QUOTE]
    ANSWER:: It is ok to apply for stamping in Canada, because you have a residency there. If there is an issue then US embassy in Canada may ask you to get it stamped in your home country.

    REQUEST ::
    Please support IV.

    The information provided here is of a general nature and may have error. I am not a lawyer. It is not to be considered as a legal advice. Please consult a good lawyer before taking final decision.

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  • javadeveloper
    08-08 10:01 AM
    I think so , after july 2nd , my company waited for a week and applied on 9th july


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  • Karthikthiru
    03-18 11:57 AM
    I also had two LUD's after I submitted the AR-11 form. It took two days more after I submitted the AR-11 form


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  • sodh
    07-27 06:45 PM
    So we need to choose local lawyers only? we don't have any options to Non-Local(Other State) lawyers?
    This is I am assuming you have given USCIS your NJ address, every Lawyer has to have License in the State he practices, if your CA Lawyer has a License to practice in NJ you can always call him to represent you. If this helps.


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  • ozz232
    09-07 04:46 PM
    I meant before I am out of status.
    Also, if there are no paystubs for that period, are there any implications in regards to GC processing or any other way ?
    Thanks a bunch.

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  • DSP
    01-13 01:38 AM
    I had my parents and my grandmom visit me last year. All three of them went together for the visa interview at Delhi. The only question the officer asked my father was - Why do you want to take your Mom to visit the US 'now'? and my dad replied, 'If I do not take her now, when will I take her?'. They all got a 10 year visa.

    Hope that helps,
    All the best!


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  • unchew
    05-19 05:31 PM
    XD very nice! I wonder how it didn't occur to me...

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  • sts_seeker
    06-04 05:42 PM
    Dear Experts I need this suggestion ASAP to prove I-140 ability to pay.

    My Priority Date EB3 is Apr, 2004 and Company is in Loss for '04,'05 and '06 and so can't prove Net assets is greater than liablities or revenue is greater than proffered wage. However Company recently has been approved for line of credit which is greater than(>) the proferred wage.

    The only way to show the ablity to pay is by showing the w2 that I have been paid the proffered wage since the priority date which is April 04. But I did not work from Jan'04 though mid of '05 because of health reason. During that time, I was paid by the disability insurance from the employer and I paid the tax for disability income while filing the W-2.
    After I joined back on mid on '05 I have been paid more than proferred wage till present(June'07).

    Does that satisfy the USCIS of the requirement of ability to pay or Not???

    I need help ASAP.
    Thanks everyone


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  • jliechty
    February 18th, 2006, 08:09 PM
    It's a bit of a pain to use... it shows up every flaw in my technique. I can't get away with some of the handholding sloppiness that I could with the D1. ;)

    My only comparisons are the D1 and the D70, the former which I owned, and the latter which I used several times for several hours each. The D200 is definitely of a professional build, unlike the D70, but [speculation warning!] not quite as good as the D2 series. For a mixture of landscape and macro, with a bit of event photography thrown in (the latter being all that I've been able to do with it so far), it's everything I could have hoped for, and more.

    Sadly, I haven't made any prints from it yet (partly due to not having time to shoot something that I consider worth wasting ink on), but I don't think that the resolution is going to be a problem for anything that the average amateur would want. It is even possible to crop a bit without worries. I anticipate that it will get a lot of use over spring break, and after that time I hope to write something to post to the user-contributed reviews section of the site. :)

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    Thank you!

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  • lelica32
    07-31 08:17 AM

    I have a question an experts:

    Shustermann says that today ist the last day that all the employment- based-preference categories are current (exception unskilled workers). Ok, now he sasy : We recommand that Employers and their attorneys e-filing their I-140 today.

    Please explain me if thats so important to file today the I-140 becouse just today the priority date are current.
    I dont understand whats has the filing form I-140 to do with the priority Dates. Priority date is the PERM date??


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  • Rsamuga
    08-11 04:08 PM

    My H1 visa is getting expired in Sep'08 and I will be going to to India during Nov'08 for my wedding, followed by my H1 Visa stamping/H4 for my wife at Chennai Consulate.

    My question is, in a normal scenario how long does it takes for the H4 dependent Visa approval/Passport Issue ? Does it differs from each of the consulate office in India ??

    Because I heard from some of my friends, that lately the US consulate in India does the back ground checking for the dependent visa(H4) and it
    takes minimum of 4 weeks of time to approve the VISA and send it to you.

    As I don't have vacation and need to report to the client, I am planning to return to US with in 3 weeks from the date of marriage.
    Would it be possible to get mine & my wife's visa before 3.5 weeks of time ??

    Lately, if anyone of you have gone through this kind of scenario, please update me on this. I truly appreciate it.


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  • gc??
    05-11 11:14 AM
    Would it say document production and oath ceremony if it were denied?

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  • zbd
    04-18 11:11 PM
    Can you extend the dates upto current date with year increase. That way we can get some picture.


    08-15 10:07 AM
    Thank you .
    Have you ever came across someone in same situation and got rejected?
    Thanks again

    05-21 09:36 AM
    Few things:

    1. The inventory of Pending I485 is not reliable.

    2. If they approve all pending EB2 it means they have to move the PD forward and as they move the PD, new applications will be filed. There are thousands of EB2 labor approved and they are waiting to file I-485

    3. Even if there is any spillover to EB3, nobody knows how USCIS will give those spillover number, will they go to EB3-ROW first or they will go as per the PD of Individuals regardless of Country of Origin.

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